ARC 3 –
Incident Debrief Programme

ARC 3 is our Specialist Incident Debrief Model. This is made up of three core modules Appraise-Reflect-Change. Our incident debrief Model is specifically designed to support Health, Social Care and Education Sectors to develop and implement policy frameworks to ensure People Supported and their carer’s and families can appraise each incident constructively, reflect on contributing factors and implement changes to care and support plans and risk assessments.

This training and policy framework provides the theoretical underpinning knowledge in relation the incident debriefing process and provides a range of incident debrief tools and templates that are aligned to ARC Model Principles. The Model is designed to encourage staff teams to feel confident to transparently report and record behavioural incidents. The Model also enables first line managers and policy developers to embed Positive Behaviour Support Principles to all incident debriefs and provides them with the key skills to conduct a fully inclusive post incident debrief, incorporating people supported, their families, support staff and witnesses.

ARC 3 aims to support provider organisations to build resilient, confident staff teams, when faced with the challenges of supporting complex packages of care for people who present with ‘behaviours of concern’. It further offers providers the opportunity to enhance the quality-of-life outcomes for the most complex children and adults in our care. The ultimate aim is to ensure that services are striving to reduce the use of restrictive practice and restraint.

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All our ARC and additional training programmes include all training materials, e-learning assessments (if required), certificates, all course administration costs.

“Thank you for one of the best training experiences I have had, I also speak for everyone that attended. A big thank you to Mark and Alan, going through the journey with the Stepping Stones Services team. The knowledge that we have all gained, is going to enhance our service users further. I cannot put into words how much the training has enhanced my career, and my peers.
Once again a big thank you.”